Being in a band is awesome.

Being skint in a band sucks.

Really Really Bad.


You make the Music.

We make the Merch. 

Merch Nation UK was set up to provide a more realistic way for bands to sell merch to their loyal fans, without having to beg, steal and borrow a load of cash to raise the funds to buy, in bulk, a ton of merch that might not even sell.
We want you to make as much cash as possible, for a fair price.
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You make the Money.

We make the Merch. 

If you’d prefer to let someone else handle your merch for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We produce and send out, your wicked Tee designs to your loyal fans, and pay you at least 50% of the profit to your paypal account.
That’s £6 cash, for every one of YOUR Tee’s sold!
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How it works…

You buy one of the Merch Nation Passports on the first day of the month, and if you spend the next few weeks selling Tee’s through Merch Nation UK, at the end of the month, you’ll get paid. For simply spending the same amount you would on a few pints! No questions asked.

Tee’s are sold for £12 each on your own page at Merch-Nation.co.uk, we give you 50% for the first 50 that are sold. Tee sale number 51 and above, that goes up to 65%.

So in real terms…

You sign up for a 6 months Passport to Merch Nation.

You then send us your one colour artwork, we check that everything is cool with the design, send a proof back to you to confirm, then host the design on Merch-Nation.co.uk

You tell all of your loyal fans where to get your merch, by forwarding them to the website, or sending them the link to your own personal page at Merch Nation.

They place an order, that’s shipped out to them within 3 days.
At the end of the month, your share for merch sales are paid to you via PayPal.

50 tee’s sold – £300 paid into PayPal.
100 tee’s sold – £690 paid into PayPal.

It’s important to make sure you sell within the monthly period, as the % earned resets back to 50% at the beginning of a new monthly period.

No more stumping up hundreds of £££’s in advance, getting frustrated by dead stock. Instead by joining Merch Nation UK, you can put that cash into other important things, like studio time, music videos, booking a tour, arranging PR, new instruments or living the rockstar lifestyle. The choice is yours. While you still make money to fund these things, and your loyal fans walk around proudly wearing your merch!


All because…

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